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Industries requiring precision tooling, machined parts and assemblies as well as total manufacturing solutions rely on Apex Tool Works Inc. Assuring precision while manufacturing efficiently at relatively low volumes has made Apex a world-leading supplier to the can, container and closure industry, with an offer that includes:

  • Can and container end dies with a full range of multiple, double and single-cavity configurations
  • Dies for straight and scroll cutting of oval and round blanks
  • Curler tooling
  • "Specialty tooling" used in the production of steel, aluminum and composite cans, pail heads, fibre drum rings and heads, and glass jar caps. Experience includes die assemblies for stamping shallow cups, aerosol domes, paint can rings and plugs, and more.

Apex's Swangren Machine Division offers machines and systems for production of lug caps, compound pouring, cap lining and specialty applications including blanking, trimming, flanging, curling, beading, upsetting and hemming. Apex also offers festoons and components for winding equipment and pouching machines. ( MORE )

For almost a century, Apex has been mastering manufacturing's toughest challenges — let us transfer that experience to solutions created for YOU!

Apex can design and manufacture almost any type of part, assembly or system—in-house—with the resources to apply the most efficient production methods to a project. Apex combines conventional high-precision machines with high-speed CNC machining centers to provide drilling, milling, turning, surface and jig grinding. Engineering runs 3-D modeling and Quality Assurance based on U.S. Mil-Spec practices, all backed by state-of-the-art electronic measurement and inspection routines.

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When it comes to precision can and container end dies, Apex manufactures a full range of multiple, double and single-cavity dies for beer, beverage, food and other type containers – all produced from the finest quality carbide and tool steels. ( MORE )