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RGS Rotary Hemming and Beading Machine


The RGS is a high-speed forming machine that performs operations such as hemming, inside and outside curling, beading and the like on metal caps, lids and other closures and similar components. The RGS utilizes rotary motion to transport product through four forming turrets. The initial and final turrets are spinning turrets while the intermediate turrets are cam operated, reciprocating in the vertical plane.

The RGS is a versatile design offering the potential for various applications. Main gearing is totally enclosed and runs in an oil bath. Sun and planetary gears are protected by a spun aluminum dome that also serves to retain a lubricating oil mist. Lubrication fittings are provided for all key points to minimize wear. The RGS is powered by a 10.0 HP AC brake motor with variable frequency control; a PLC-based control package is available.


Product is introduced to the first spinning turret where forming is initiated by rolling against a rail. Roll position and pressure are fully adjustable. Product is then transferred to the second turret which continues forming using tooling that operates in the vertical plane. Similarly, product forming continues in the third turret and finally, product is transferred to the fourth turret where the finished profile is obtained by rolling against a rail.

Tooling is protected by overload sensors which stop the machine.


Technology Brief: High-speed, continuous rotary forming machine; basic configuration includes 4 work stations with 8 tool locations each
Production Rate: Max. 800 units per minute
Product Size: TBD
Dimensions: 88"L x 50"W x 75"H; 8,000 lbs.
Utilities: Electric service per customer's requirements; minimal air required